Answear's Be Shero campaign triumphs with personalized videos and a 361% CTR Boost!


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Assignment & Goal of the Campaign

One of the largest European online clothing stores, Answear, wanted to personally address a segment of its female customers in 10 countries. The goal was to appreciate their bravery, strength, and courage while promoting the new collection from Answear's own brand, Answear.Lab. The collection, "Be Shero," is a tribute to women – the unique heroines of their own stories.

Insight & idea

Answear aimed to establish a connection between its female customers and the brand. The target group was directly addressed through email communication, with each email containing a personalized video.

The video celebrates femininity and the heroic qualities of women. Shot from a first-person point of view, the viewer becomes part of Answear.Lab's studio. The viewer's name appears multiple times throughout the video. At the same time, the brand Answear.Lab is highlighted as part of the campaign, reflecting the strengths and courage of women. The video also included a 30% discount code.

Personalized Video Campaign

Personalized videos were a key element of the campaign, fostering a personal connection. Based on the imported data, each video started with a personal address by name, further enhancing the individualized nature of the campaign. The generated videos were distributed through email communication directly to the customers.


The outcomes exceeded all expectations. The click-through rate from emails saw a remarkable increase of 361% with personalized videos compared to the standard newsletter. Additionally, the email theme "You are the 'shero' of our movie" contributed to a 119% higher open rate than standard personalized emails. Furthermore, the video completion rate was exceptional, surpassing the threshold, with over 68% of viewers.

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Customers Name (voiceover and embedded visual)