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Maximize your Data

Maximize your data to create truly personalized experiences and engage your customers.

Use your applications

Easily input data from many popular apps (including those listed below). Full documentation exists for multiple use cases and viable solutions can always be found.

Connect any system via API

Use your own application or CRM to connect and deliver data then stay connected for as long as you want (ideal for long-term campaigns). Public API access to Motionlab Platform is simple for everyone.

Manually import data

You can securely import data from a CSV file and use Excel or any other editor to prepare data. The system is intuitive, easy to use and allows flexibility over the use of your data.

choose the option that suits your needs

How to Access Data

Import data via API or manually from any system.

Multiple import choices

Import data via API or manually

Motionlab Platform supports two modes to transfer data from any system.

Import data manually from .csv file (with UTF-8 BOM header). This file can be exported from almost any application (like MS Excel) and provides the most straightforward way of data exchange. This mode is most suitable for one time data delivery and short marketing campaigns.

Use REST APIs to connect the application directly to Motionlab Platform to allow longterm marketing campaigns, and automate marketing activities with a fully personalized experience and easy-to-use platform integrations.

More about APIs

Import data via API or manually from any system.

Full control of your data

Multiple options for managing your data

Full control of the data is limited to your own organization. Every piece of data is always under your control with designated role-based access for the specific roles of your team - admin, artist, data manager or stats manager. Motionlab does not have access to your data, unless you want it to.

You can choose to import, use or delete whatever data you want via API with total autonomy - either in one go or continuously. At any point you can delete the entire campaign with all the data on it.

All data is kept in a safe and secure environment.

Data stored securely

Data is kept in a secure environment

Key security features of Motionlab platform:

  • Motionlab paltform uses TLS channel with SHA256-RSA algorithm for all communication and data transfer.
  • The certificate is renewed every 6 months.
  • Every video has its own unique URL which is combination of user-defined data and a generated identifier.
  • Data is stored exclusively in Microsoft Azure Europe data centres, encrypted processing is compliant to FIPS 140-2 and transfer of data between data centres adheres to IEEE 802.1AE MAC Security Standards.
  • ISO 27001 (information security management system) and ISO 27018 (for protecting data in the cloud) are ensured on the cloud infrastracture level.

Trust centre

The protection and privacy of all data is one of our greatest priorities and all our operations are GDPR compliant.

protection and privacy of data

GDPR compliant

The protection and privacy of all data is one of our greatest priorities. All our technology and operations are GDPR compliant and operate in full accordance with the guidelines to ensure they are respectful to customer privacy.

For European customers are used data centres in the EU. We currently use a Western Europe location. Data, rendered videos and related statistics are stored temporarily for the duration of marketing campaign only.

Full GDPR agreedment is located in Motionlab Privacy.

Privacy policy


Most popular data apps

Bloomreach (formerly Exponea) is a customer data & experience platform.



Bloomreach (former Exponea) is a customer data & experience platform providing email marketing, lifecycle intelligence, product recommendations, predictive intelligence, personalization, and full channel automation.

SmartEmailing connects your e-mail to large data structures. Synch data from your e-shop, ERP, CRM and accounting system.



Connect your e-mailing to large data structures. Synchronize data from your e-shop, ERP, CRM and accounting system in real time and work with information across several platforms.

Integromat lets you connect apps and automate workflows in a few clicks.



Integromat lets you connect apps and automate workflows in a few clicks. Move data between apps without effort so you can focus on growing your business.

A data-driven tool developed by Motionlab and used to approach potential clients or present, a new service.



A data-driven tool developed by Motionlab and used to approach potential clients or present, launch, up/cross sell a new service or product in a truly engaging way.

Safe, dynamic and flexible use of data

To ensure data is used correctly, we support multiple parameter types

Text and Number

The most basic parameter types for variable text values or numbers.


names “John Doe”; “Adam novák”

products “Awesome product #1”; “Awesome product #2”

personalized text “Your favourite color is greeen, just like your eyes.”

Prices or amounts “100”; “20 000”;

Combinations “Add 1 item”; “Remove 2 items”


Input data elements such as suggested products or faces. Represented as a publicliy accessible URL value to the resource.


Image provider “”

File storage“<folderID>/<filename>”

Custom content delivery service “https://custom-url/product.jpeg”

get great results from your data

Innogy's Successful Batch Mode Campaign

Batch mode is the most common mode and is suitable for one-time campaigns or campaigns where the videos are sent out in pre-determined Waves.

The campaign for energy utilities company innogy made smart use of data to engage its customer base and deliver a customized upsell campaign.

The results were outstanding.

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Innogy reference image


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