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Motionlab's goal is to help make a world without irrelevant ads and create perfect personalized videos that can directly address and inform audiences. With Motionlab Platform, we have provided a tool that enables creators and businesses to speak to their audience more effectively, without creative limitations. Motionlab Platform has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible to close the gap between creative and technological processes.

Fouders & Leaders

Jan Sekerka


Jan is a passionate entrepreneur who cut his technical teeth with five years of experience at Microsoft. He's in love with innovative thinking, start-ups, cutting-edge technologies and disruptive ideas. In his spare time, he likes to travel fast either on four wheels, two wheels or skis.

Jan Sekerka

Filip Koubek


Filip’s background is in video production and he moved seamlessly into his role as CMO when he set up Motionlab with his two friends. He loves anything to do with marketing, Brno, Gin & Tonic and Kevin Smith films (usually in that order... but not always).

Filip Koubek

Radek Psurny


Radek was born in Velká nad Veličkou but was seduced by the glittering lights of Brno from a young age and has never looked back. He started out in the commercials industry as a creative director before co-founding Motionlab and combining 3 of his passions in life – video, tech and creativity.

Radek Pšurný

Vojtěch Mádr


Vojtěch does amazing things with computers and technology that most mortals will never understand. In the little free time he has, he’s the co-host of ProgramHRovani and the .NET.CZ podcast, a proud father, avid cyclist and music fan.

Vojtěch Mádr

The Motionlab Crew

Our team is a diverse, dedicated, dynamic team that works hard (and plays hard) to achieve its goals. We're passionate about what we do and are mega-proud of what we have achieved on our journey so far.

Team of Motionlab

Awards & recognition

We love winning awards and are fortunate enough to have won several.

But what we love more than anything is being part of a collaborative team that wins awards. We've worked with some amazing agencies and companies to create award-winning personalized ad campaigns and are thrilled to have provided the technology to help them be the best.

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“It's only been on the market for six months but the start up Motionlab has made it to the finals of a global competition.”

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“Personalized videos will convince you that we understand you and we know what you need. This Brno start-up is developing the stores of the future.”

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“Brno is not a handicap. How Filip Koubek from 30 under 30 built a startup without an investor.”

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“Last year they scored in a startup competition, now they want to return to the USA. Motionlab CEO reveals business plans for the future.”

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Since our founding in 2018, innovation has always been our legacy and our future.

Motionlab was started by three college friends who had backgrounds in video production, technology and marketing. They saw a need in the market for a tool to produce dynamic videos at scale and as there was nothing available, decided to create their own solution.

Founded in 2018 in Brno, Czech Republic. Motionlab quickly become one of the most successful startups in the region according to the SWC Summit in 2019.Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength, attending international conferences and accelerator programmes such as VentureOut in NYC and the K-Startup Grand Challenge in South Korea in 2021.

Today Motionlab ranks among the leaders of the rapidly emerging video personalization sector. It has collaborated in campaigns in various sectors and for multinational giants like Microsoft, O2, HBO Europe, KBC/Societe General and UNIQA.

Honza Radek Filip
Jan Sekerka

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As Motionlab grows, we are continuing to expand into international markets. The company now has three offices and operates across several countries.