Generali 'Jungle'

Generali's new campaign rules the jungle... and rules the ratings too.


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Assignment & Goal of the Campaign

The main aim of the campaign was to reinforce the positive branding of Generali. By showing customers what the Generali workplace looked like and how employees were personally looking after customers, it would create a human, caring face for the company. A CTA of clicking to register in the Client Zone was added at the end.


The video was shot with light humour in the style of a nature documentary that explores the creatures that inhabit the Generali office or ‘Jungle‘.

After establishing the Generali office, the camera follows various Generali employees in their 'natural office environment' from a safe distance, careful not to disturb them, as they carry out their daily tasks – preparing contracts, familiarizing themselves with clients' needs etc. We are reassured that these species rule the jungle and are in control, looked over by the lion (the symbol of Generali). The film ends with a CTA to register for the Client Zone.

Personalized Video Campaign

The concept and production was carried out by Triple Double Films. With a streamlined production process, the entire video was created quickly in just a few weeks.

16,028 unique videos were created and distributed by email.

Generali were extremely happy with the result with strong key metrics and high audience engagement.

They received nearly 300 positive text responses and said that the campaign was a great success and their most successful campaign of the year.

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Last name
Customer‘s name
Customer address (also as a map)
Customer address
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Nearest branch address
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Insurance type
Changing CTA - based on whether viewer was already registered to the Client Zone or not
Changing CTA
based on whether viewer was already registered to the Client Zone or not