What is Motionlab?

Motionlab is an award-winning tech company that has developed a platform to produce personalized videos at scale. This platform enables brands to speak more effectively with customers and create stronger brand loyalty.

Motionlab Platform’s cloud-based technology can create truly personalized videos of the highest quality and realism, yet is user-oriented and doesn't require extensive skills and training.

What is Video Personalization?

Video Personalization is a tool that allows video to be customized to each individual viewer by automatically inserting personal elements into the video message. It’s a cost-effective way of creating a single video that can then be altered to reach thousands of customers, each with a relevant message tailored just for them.

How does Motionlab work?

Motionlab Platform

At the heart of the process is the Motionlab Platform, built with state-of-the-art technology to create perfect personalization.

After your video has been shot and edited, the Motionlab Template Creator then allows you to combine data and creative assets into thousands of unique personalized videos.

Motionlab AE Extension is easily integrable into Adobe After Effects - the industry standard in video editing - allowing flexibility and creative freedom.

True Personalization

Motionlab Platform allows multi-layer personalization, 3D tracking and over 300 effects to create an experience that is far more authentic and immersive than other companies can offer.


The Motionlab Platform also includes analytics that allows you to get the all-important metrics for views and engagement to see how successful your campaign has been. These key metrics include:

  • Views and Unique views
  • Videos opened
  • Playback time per video (avg.)
  • Completion rate
  • CTA Views Rate
  • Audience retention in time
  • Total number of clicks on the CTA button
  • Audience location - based on IP address
  • Audience device type

Does Motionlab allow integrations?

Motionlab allows many integrations with most of the leading CRMs, CDPs and distribution platforms.

How can I distribute my Personalized videos

Through Mail, mms, apps like viber, push notifications etc.

Is Motionlab GDPR compliant?

Yes, Motionlab is a 100% secure and GDPR compliant platform. For a full explanation of what GDPR is and what it means, check here.

When was Motionlab founded?

Motionlab was founded in 2018. (See more details in About Us).

Who can Motionlab help the most?

MotionLab is effective in many fields related to sales and customer services. It’s ideal for e-commerce, utilities and financial services and is also suitable for B2B customer acquisition but the possibilities are endless. Personalized videos are great way to speak with your customers about product upsell, service plan upgrades, premium product enrolment, regular account overview and more.

What marketing and sales metrics can Personalized Video improve?

  • Email CTR
  • Views and unique views
  • Videos opened
  • Video completion rate
  • Total viewing time
  • Playback time per video
  • CTA Views and total number of clicks on the CTA button
  • Reduction of the final cost-per-click
  • Sales boost

Is Motionlab a video production company or can I use my own?

Motionlab is not a production company – we only provide the technology to turn a video into a personalized video. You can use your own production company to create the video or we can also help you to choose one of our partner production agencies certified by Motionlab. We always work closely with clients to provide the best solution to creating an effective campaign.

Can I also personalize an animated video?

Yes, animated personalized videos can be created just as easily as live action personalized videos.

Do I need a lot of technical experience to use Motionlab?

No, Motionlab has been specifically designed to be easy to use for various roles - from data managers to video creators. It should take you around 30 minutes to learn the steps and Motionlab will provide necessary support.

How much does Motionlab cost?

All marketing campaigns are different and we have various flexible pricing plans that take that into consideration. In general, the more videos you create, the cheaper the cost per video. To discuss a pricing plan that meets your needs and requirements, please get in touch and we can set a call.

I have more questions. How can I talk to someone?

You can contact us through our RD form to schedule a personal demo and we'll get back to you asap or you can email us at [email protected].

Do you have any other questions?