Combine Data and Creativity without Limits

Motionlab Platform takes video personalization to the next level, combining data and creativity without limits

Video personalization with Motionlab Platform takes direct messaging to the next level. By creating customized videos that are unique for each viewer, you can create better engagement with your customer base, increase key metrics and improve your brand recognition. Motionlab Platform is an easy-to-use tool that gives you complete control for using data to create messaging with real impact.

After Effects and Motionlab Template Creator give you complete creative control and endless options.

The Best results are achieved with the best tools

Adobe After Effects Extension

Motionlab AE Extension is easily integrable into Adobe AE - the industry standard in video editing. This allows you to create hundreds of AE effects without the need to learn another editing tool. Motionlab's technology creates professional videos with real personalization that provides the level of authenticity needed to deliver your message with more impact.

We offer options for personalized video thumbnails to maximize open rates.

Speak directly to your customers

Personalized Thumbnails

The video thumbnail is a static image of the video that is sent to the viewer with a CTA to click on it and watch the entire video. A thumbnail will attract the viewer's attention and make them want to watch more. We give options for customization so you can create the most effective personalized thumbnail to maximize open rates.

Video preview allows you to evaluate videos before they are distributed.

Check video quality in a secure sandbox

Video Preview

You can easily check your video in a secure sandbox before delivering it to your audience. This allows you to evaluate the videos to ensure no errors have been made and to correct them if changes are necessary. You can also test the video at any stage, even without the full customer data, so the data manager doesn't need to be present. A successful review is always recommended before launching a full campaign.

Multiple languages and subtitles can be used to reach an even wider audience.

Speak their language

Language Variations

There are no limits to the language you want to use, and multiple languages can be used within the same video. You can also create subtitles in multiple languages to reach an even wider audience.

Easy to use Motionlab Platform

Add Realistic Personalization to your Video

Choose from an almost unlimited number of fonts and allow your text to flow seamlessly within the action.
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Dynamic texts

Choose from an almost unlimited number of fonts and allow your text to flow seamlessly within the action. Use your company's own font, logo and design to ensure brand continuity.

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Dynamic images and maps

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Dynamic scenes and voice-overs

We've produced a simple get-started course that makes Motionlab easy to learn and use.

Course & certification

Get-Started Course and Certification

Motionlab is easy to learn and use. We've produced a simple Get-Started course that guides you through the process step-by-step and gives you a certificate when you've finished.


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