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Personal consultant for a hundred thousand customers? ČEZ uses video personalization


finish view ratio


more leads with personalized video


effectiveness of the campaign

Czech utility giant ČEZ created an upsell personalized video campaign that promotes home solar panels with an individual savings plan for each customer. Every video includes a specific offer based on the customer‘s location and history with the company. The campaign achieved great results and received very positive customer feedback.

“McCann used Motionlab Platform to create several campaigns for our client ČEZ. The execution of those campaigns was easier than expected and our client found the results very satisfying.” 

Marketa_Netukova_Account Manager_McCann

Markéta Neťuková

Account Manager, McCann 

personalized features

text_customers name
Customer‘s name (text)
Customer‘s name (voiceover)
Personalized offer
Personalized offer
Address location customers
Sunny days per year in specific locations
Sunny days per year in specific locations
How long is he/she a customer
How long have they been a customer
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