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Komerční banka

How to talk with millennials about their bank account? Komerční banka relies on video personalization


finish view ratio

Komerční banka, part of the French giant Société Générale chose Motionlab Platform to create an animated personalized video experience for graduating students who need to choose a type of adult account. Video contains a high level of personalization. Each customer has an overview of his/her number of payments, withdrawal locations, personalized offers and much more. Thanks to this features the video scored more than 82% finish view ratio.

„Thanks to Motionlab technology it was very easy for us to create personalized video campaign. KB was happy with our concept and with more than 82% finish video ratio we can definitely say that their clients also liked it.“ 

Personal photo

Kateřina Venclíková

Account Director , Motionhouse

personalized features

Customer‘s name (text)
Customer‘s name (voiceover)
Number of payments
Number of withdrawals
Places of withdrawals in home country
Personalized office
Personalized offer
CTA button
Gender versions