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Assignment & Goal of the Campaign

How to welcome new customers and introduce them to the benefits of Innogy?

At the end of 2021, due to the collapse of some energy providers, many Czech households had to change their energy provider. By March 2022, around 202 thousand people joined Innogy. These customers were used to poor service and communication from cheaper suppliers. The main goal of the campaign was to effectively reach as many new customers as possible and introduce them to the benefits associated with choosing Innogy.

Insight & idea

The creatives from Etnetera Motion came up with the idea to welcome the new customers of Innogy in a way, that they not only didn't expect, but were also entertained by. Personalized videos made customers shine alongside well-known actors. Using the Motionlab platform, the customer's name was displayed in the video several times. Other personalized elements in the video included the address of the nearest branch and cost management features in the app.

Personalized Video Campaign

Distribution was executed through e-mail communication. Each e-mail contained a unique thumbnail with the customer's name, and most importantly a personalized video welcoming new Innogy customers. In the video customers were introduced to all new benefits. As part of the personalization, in addition to gender, name and surname of the customer, the location of the nearest Innogy branch was also included in the video. After watching the video, viewers were redirected to a personalized landing page where they could watch more videos showcasing key benefits of Innogy.


Over 80 thousand personalized e-mails including reminders were sent during the campaign. In order to achieve optimal results, the campaign was optimized using A/B testing of different variants of subjects, pre-headers and personalized email content. Results were above all expectations. The total open rate for unique users reached 80.5%, while the total click-through rate (CTR) was 61%. Up to half of the customers repeatedly played the video with a total length of 75 seconds. The success of the entire campaign was underlined by positive reactions from many customers who wrote that the personalized videos made them smile.

“Hello, I am stunned!!! I have never seen such video before!!! Thanks!! I have no regrets and I wish you many customers and lots of health for everyone!!!"

personalized features

Clients name
Clients name
Customers Name (voiceover and embedded visual)
Customers Name (voiceover and embedded visual)
Address of the nearest branch
Address of the nearest branch
Cost management in the app
Cost management in the app