Microsoft & and Microsoft scored a hit by combining a famous TV show with video personalization for their upsell campaign


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Assignment & Goal of the Campaign

MALL.CZ and Microsoft wanted to create a personalized video campaign to effectively target computer gamers with a series of products online. The target audience was young adults and computer game players.

The client decided to reach the target group through Mall-TV - an on-line TV channel of MALL.CZ. The second season of MALL.TV’s "Život je hra" (Life is a Game) series was used as the basis for a humorous video that pushed key products to a specific target audience.

At the same time, Microsoft (who were also clients on the campaign) wanted to strengthen their brand and increase laptop sales that used the Windows 10 operating system.


Shot from a first person POV, the viewer enters their apartment and is welcomed by a voiceover telling them they have a small surprise waiting for them. They turn on the TV to watch Life is a Game and find the show's two presenters actually presenting the show in their living room, just for them.

The presenters personally welcome the viewer and explain that they think they might not be able to watch the next season on their current operating system so suggest an upsell product that could solve this problem.

The CTA offers two buttons – one to view the special offer and another to view the series.

Personalized Video Campaign

The concept and production were carried out by Mall.TV 20,000 personalized videos were created and delivered to a specific target audience with the help of Bloomreach Engagement using webhooks and API. Webhooks enable custom integrations with APIs outside of Bloomreach, allowing data to be sent to or brought in from a third party.

Via webhook, Bloomreach sent data to the Motionlab video server to help create the personalized videos. Motionlab Platform then created the videos and sent them back to Bloomreach for distribution.

The campaign was delivered through direct channels – e-mail, SMS and application Viber. It was delivered by experience cloud Bloomreach (former Exponea).

Results and Conclusions

The results were incredibly impressive and beyond expectations.

  • 11x higher email click-through-rate by users who saw the personalized video campaign compared to others who saw a non-personalized offer.
  • 701% increasein products purchased in the MALL.CZ shopping gallery by users who saw the personalized video campaign compared to others who saw a non-personalized offer.
  • Significant 60%+ View Through Rate.

The campaign was not only successful in terms of sales, but it also boosted brand awareness and had a strong positive effect on MALL.CZ’s brand image.

“Sales results were above all expectations. Sales in IT were three times higher than from other comparable campaigns. Users who watched a personalized video campaign, bought 701% more products at MALL.CZ than those who watched a regular (non-personalized) campaign.”

Michaela Vanerova Senior CRM Strategist MALL.CZ

Michaela Vanerová

Senior CRM Strategist at MALL.CZ

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