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Microsoft scored a hit by combining a famous TV show with video personalization


higher CTR (than at a regular campaign)


sales boost


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Microsoft wanted to strengthen their brand and increase laptop sales with the Windows 10 operating system. The target audience was young adults and computer game players. The campaign was also tied-in to promote a new season of the popular series „Život je hra “produced by MALL.TV. The client decided to reach the target group through a direct channel of MALL.CZ.

“Sales results were above all expectations. Sales in IT were three times higher than from other comparable campaigns. Users who watched a personalized video campaign, bought 701% more products at MALL.CZ than those who watched a regular (non-personalized) campaign.”

Michaela Vanerova Senior CRM Strategist MALL.CZ

Michaela Vanerová

Senior CRM Strategist at MALL.CZ

The campaign was delivered through direct channels – e-mail, SMS and application Viber. It was delivered by experience cloud Exponea.

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