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Viral personalized video campaign that sold-out Marketing Festival in just two days


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This was the first truly personalized campaign that sold out the biggest CEE Marketing Festival. Marketing Festival is a world-className marketing conference based in the Czech Republic with 10,000+ attendees.

“Personalized videos helped to sell out the festival, boosted our PR coverage and confirmed our image as a top CEE marketing festival.”

Jindrich Faborsky_CEO_ Marketing Festival

Jindrich Faborsky

CEO of Marketing Festival

The CEO of Marketing Festival wanted to create something extra for the demanding target group of marketers, based on the idea that every attendee is special. Our solution allowed the creation of a personalized video with the attendee's name, number of previous visits, professional preferences and whether they had a ticket. The goal of the campaign was to increase ticket sales and boost the brand and this was thoroughly achieved.

personalized features

Customer's name
Customer's name
Name of the company
Name of the company
Name of the company
Has ticket
Number of previous visits
Number of previous visits